2-Oct-2006 The preliminary programme has been put online. It is also available in the form of a diagram.

15-June-2006 The web site has a new layout. Our thanks to Andreas Viklund, who generously shares the fruits of his talent.

15-May-2006 The award-winning British-canadian author Geoff Ryman has accepted to become our second author guest of honor. Ryman is the author of, among other books, the novel Air that recently won several major awards and was nominated for the Nebula.

7-May-2006 Joe Haldeman's novel Camouflage was awarded the 2005 Nebula by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. The Nebula Award is one of the most prestigeous awards of the science fiction field.

31-Jan-2006 Imagicon announces its fan guest of honor: Martin Andreasson. Martin, who has been active in Swedish fandom since the age of 14, accepted the invitation "deeply moved and honored". Martin quickly became a prominent fan, was fan GoH at a convention the first time in 1985, won the Alvar award in 1988 (with his brother Malte) and issued many well-written fanzines during his first ten years in fandom (and the odd one after that as well). He is also a former chair of the Alvar Appeltofft Memorial Foundation. These days he is a member of the Swedish parliament. He is guaranteed to be a magnificent fan guest of honor!

3-Dec-2005 Do you want to be notified of the progress of the convention planning? In that case, send an email to There won't be many of these newsletter email messages, and you can cancel the subscription whenever you want to.

3-Nov-2005 The convention has started a LiveJournal community, for those of you who are LiveJournal members.

25-Sep-2005 Imagicon's treasurer Anders Reuterswärd has been awarded a SEK 5,000 grant by the Alvar Appeltofft Memorial Foundation for "important idealistic work within science fiction fandom and to further the work with the convention Swecon 2006".